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Next Reboot Fitness Holiday

5 - 12 November 2022

7 Glorious Days in Tenerife!


Come Join The Action and Reboot Your Health and Fitness With Reboot 

A Life Changing Experience

Reboot Weight Loss Camps

Get back to your optimum weight, maintain it while eating real food and enjoy life again.

Reboot Owner & Head Coach Mark Hooks BSc has over 25 years, working in the health and fitness industry working with clients wanting to shed a few pounds up to clients who weigh 27 Stone +.


After leaving the Army in 2002 Mark developed a unique training method that utilises the same techniques adopted by his professional athletes but adapts the training to the needs of the individual. He specialises in Sport Psychology & mental strength within the training environment.


In 2009 Mark set up Reboot and has been successfully helping clients of all weights & abilities improve weight & health both physically and mentally. 


Reboot not only delivers sessions to improve speed, strength, endurance and mental strength within the training environments but ensures all techniques are linked to each clients’ specific needs. During the Reboot residential weight loss camp training is tailored to ensure the client finds their optimum weight ensuring this one chance we get at life is the best one possible. 


Each client leaves their weight loss boot camp with 


  • Nutrition guide including menus and recipes to replicate at home. 

  • Personalised weekly training plan focusing on improving their overall performance.

  • PMR (Progressive Muscular Relaxation) routine to help control the mind when they feel at their most vulnerable.

  • Technical training sessions to develop for years to come.

  • PNF (Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation) to develop flexibility to prevent injury.

  • Strength training exercises to burn optimum fat while preventing injuries.

  • Education on how to use Foam Roller, Tens Machine, Kinesiology tape and much more.


Are you someone who has tried everything but the weight just keeps increasing? 


Then look no further Reboot Weight Loss Camps are for you.


You will receive this and so much more at either our 5 Day Residential Weight Loss Camps in Weymouth, Dorset or our 7 Day Residential Weight Loss Camps in Arona, Tenerife.


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