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Reboot Testimonials


“This has been a phenomenal experience! Mark, Sel and Herbie work so well together and the house and countryside are perfect. Please don’t think about coming to Reboot if you aren’t prepared to work hard and be pushed to your limits - but the results will be amazing; physically and mentally fitter.” Tim

The Best Fitness Experience

“Without a doubt the best fitness experience I have ever had. From start to finish - Sue handling the admin, Sandie and her amazing talent for food, Mark, Sel and Herbie with non-stop support. It was amazing guys - thank you!” Romie Willis

Just Book It

“If you are thinking of booking Reboot, stop thinking and just book it. It’s a life changing experience in a fabulous environment.” Wayne

What a Week

“What a week! I had no idea that my body could be pushed this much. Thank you so so much!” Becky Houghton

Thank You Reboot

“Reboot has totally given me the confirmation that I can change - all I needed was to be shown how to do it. Mark and his team has shown me exactly what I need to do. It’s that simple! Thank you Reboot for all you have done!” Susie Hill

Fantastic Week

“Fantastic week, great training, food amazing - learned a lot including nutrition and gaining positivity!” Katie Richards

An Amazing Week

“An amazing week, I couldn’t have asked for more. A great range of fun, but challenging activities, delicious food (thank you Sandie) and all in a wonderful location with rolling hills and beaches. With the support of the Reboot team I have achieved things I didn’t think I could ever do. Mark, Sal and Herbie are hugely encouraging and their energy and passion is contagious. Despite being a regular gym bunny for many years Mark has given me the understanding and the tools for me to confidently go into a gym and run my own workout session so that I don’t need to rely on a PT or class. Thank you Reboot!” Charlotte Chambers

Incredible & Rewarding

“Everything is organised for you at Reboot, allowing you to focus solely on smashing every session and keeping your eyes on the prize …. an incredible and rewarding fitness experience.” Joe Namihas

It Changed My Life

“This was my second Reboot. It pushed me in places I’ve never been. I feel renewed and ready to take on what life throws at me. I highly recommend Reboot - it changed my life!” Anton

Best Week Ever

“The Reboot week was a fantastic fitness week, full of great activities, people and delicious food to keep us all going. It over exceeded my expectations and I would come back in a heart beat. Best week ever!” Katie Bird

I Smiled The Whole Time

“I have achieved things I had no idea I was capable of and I smiled the entire time. The team spirit carried me when I thought I couldn’t go on. So excited to take my new knowledge and enthusiasm home.” Christina Fuller


“Mark and his team are fantastic - inspirational, motivational. Reboot is tough but so, so worth it! Food is lovely, setting is beautiful, highly recommend.” Anon

Expert Instructors

“Reboot gave me everything and more. I came with a mental health struggle in need of a life reboot. I got expert instructors, amazing food and the best ever headspace. I leave with knowledge, memories and new friends!” Russ Bailey

The Best Way to Train

 “It was a necessary experience for me as it taught me the best way to train and improve my fitness. The instructors put emphasis on learning to improve your fitness and accept your body for what it is!” Abi Rasaratnam

A Great Experience

“A great experience, where hard work becomes fun!” Abheydeep Singh

I'll Definitely Come Again

“These 5 days have been life changing! I came here as I was desperate to lose weight and my mentality towards exercise, food and a healthy lifestyle has completely changed. The coaches have pushed me to do stuff I thought I was incapable of. I’m so thankful for all their effort and I’ll definitely come again.” Yara Fathalla

A Happier, Healthier Life

“It’s like giving your life a good spring clean - helping you to lead a happier, healthier life.” Sarah Thorne

Well Designed Sessions

“Having previously attended Reboot I had high expectations and I wasn’t at all disappointed. The sessions are so well designed and take place in some lovely locations. The instructors are supportive and knowledgeable, pushing you to achieve your best, whatever your ability. I have eaten well, met a great group of people and am looking forward to continuing my training.” Louise Bailey

I Would 100% Recommend

“I would 100% recommend the Reboot experience. There were so many positives - a large variety of exercise sessions, all of which were imaginatively planned and structured do that everyone was challenged, the food was cooked so well by Sandie, the talks which helped us understand and the amazing location - It was a week full of fun!” Ruth Gapp

Supportive & Challenging

“Owner Mark’s manner and his team make a really supportive and challenging experience. Everything and everybody is catered for, stretching all abilities. Mark’s personality and life experience make a really compelling combination.” James Drinkwater

Fantastic Experience

“The Reboot activities are cleverly designed so that no matter what your ability you have an opportunity to push yourself. The week is constructed knowing that your body starts to ache mid-way and introduces fun team activities and beautiful scenery to keep you going. Fantastic experience.” Ciara Bonner

A Life Changing Experience

“An amazing, life changing experience with an abundance of knowledge to take away and continue the training. Reboot has improved my confidence and knowledge to be able to exercise solo.” Lindsay Brown

It's For Absolutely Everyone

“I can’t recommend Reboot highly enough. It is for absolutely everyone. It doesn’t matter if you are super fit or you’re ‘fallen off the wagon’, or you’ve never done anything since school - you will gain a lot!” David Tutty

Absolutely Brilliant

“I had a very low level of fitness and was worried I would be one step behind everyone. But the instructors made sure we all worked to our max, no matter what that was. Absolutely brilliant - would highly recommend. Such a fun week.” Olivia Pratt

Really Enjoyed My Week

“I arrived with little fitness, but throughout the week the instructors really helped and pushed us - I’m so glad they did! Really enjoyed my week here, thank you!” Josh Grantham

The Start To Your Fitness Journey

“If you want to be starved for a week then Reboot is not the place. If you want to be educated on fitness and nutrition, I’d strongly recommend Reboot - the start to your fitness journey. Excellent. ” Jo B

Reboot Is The Best

“I have been to many boot camps in the UK, but can honestly say that this is the best! It manages to personalise activities for all, without comprising challenge. In all areas Reboot provides excellence and quality.” Tracey Hemming

The Best Money I've Ever Spent

“100% the best money I’ve ever spent! Reboot hasn’t just been great for my fitness, but also it’s given me my confidence back. Thank you!” Holly Dimes

A Truly Great Experience

“A truly great experience and non-faddy. I would highly recommend Reboot for anyone looking to make long term lifestyle changes.” David Shaw

They Will Encourage & Inspire You

“Reboot will work with you on your goals to see your strengths and how to go further. They will test you to your limits but encourage and inspire you.” Georgina Freeman


“Fantastic!” Emily

Just Do It!

“If you’re not sure, just do it! Go to Reboot and change the way you see your body and your relationship with being fit and healthy!” Andy

I've Found My Enthusiasm For Exercise Again

“I never imagined being able to complete a week long boot camp and was terrified at the prospect of turning up at Reboot on my own. I needn’t have worried as the team were so welcoming and supportive from arrival to departure. The experience was HARD, I repeat HARD, but it was so worthwhile. I learnt so much, from warm-ups to exercises, nutrition to recipes. Reboot gave me exactly what I needed and I’m so grateful to the Reboot team for everything (including getting me up the infamous Sheep Shit Hill). I’ve found my enthusiasm for exercise again. Thank you for everything xxx” Sarah Watterson

I'm Very Glad

I chose Reboot

“I would say that Reboot is amazing. It pushes you to levels you never thought you could achieve. I’m very glad I chose Reboot as my first boot camp - I highly recommend this place!” Anna Cunliffe

An Eye-Opening Experience

“I already trained regularly but this has been an eye-opening experience in terms of how much more I can push myself. I am going away with the tools to hopefully make me fitter, stronger and able to improve my running speed.” Helen Murrell


“Challenging, encouraging, informative, great fun, fantastic leadership team. Set in beautiful countryside and a well thought through schedule and food - amazing!” Hazel Bryars

Outstanding in Every Way

“Mark, Herbie, Sel, Sue and Sandie have put together a great programme that will challenge anyone in a caring and supportive environment. All the activity sessions are well planned and expertly explained. I’ve developed skills I didn’t know I had and just loved every single minute. Outstanding in every way.” Marianne Lane

Each Trainer Has Endless Knowledge

“Never did I think I would have so much fun putting my body through so much. Thanks to Mark, Sel and Herbie for the sessions. Each session is well thought out and planned and each trainer has endless knowledge. Sandie makes food taste incredible and Sue supplies all the information you need prior to your week. The team spirit created throughout the week is amazing!” Tessa

I Would Recommend Reboot

“Effective, structured, great value, great fun. I would recommend Reboot to anyone who wants to get fit and break their daily routine.” Michael Fiebig

I Love Reboot

“I love Reboot. It pushes you but is also fun. The team are amazing, and you leave fully equipped to change your habits at your pace.” Paget 

I've Learned So Much

“Well organised, great location, loads of variety, hard work but fun too. So glad I took the plunge to come - I’ve learned so much, not just about fitness and nutrition, but about my capabilities too. Thank you!” Terri Beirne

The Whole Experience Was Excellent

“The whole experience was excellent - the friendliness of the staff, the excellent training sessions and the great food. I would definitely recommend Reboot whatever your size, shape or goals.” Lesley Gregory

A Tough Week

“The Reboot team are obviously knowledgeable and very helpful with any questions. Although it’s a tough week no one is pushed beyond their capabilities. Great scenery, great food, great team!” Graham Collinson


“As good as you want to get out of it. You must commit yourself to improving. Leave your life at home, come to Reboot and turn off your brain but commit your body. Amazing.” Julian Thurbin


“I’ve been inspired by Mark my whole life (he’s my brother). He’s a pioneer, risk taker, passionate, dedicated, loyal, funny and generous. Reboot is Mark in his element. Reboot is two decades of hard graft, experience, competitive sports and passion for people.” Rachel Wright

An Absolutely Amazing Week

“Absolutely amazing week at Reboot - I don’t want to go home! We had a great group of supportive people and everyone achieved so much more than they thought possible. Mark and Sel are brilliant at tailoring each workout so that no one felt they have anything left to give by the end, while Herbie is an invaluable member of the team (he even let us win occasionally). I can’t recommend Reboot highly enough!” Penina Kahtan

Exceeded Expectations

“Exceeded expectations. Superb location, even better instructors. Highly recommend.” Tony Barker

Worth Every Penny

“Excellent experience - worth every penny. Very nervous beforehand, but soon felt comfortable and welcome. This is just what I needed. Looking forward to my future.” Matt Lucas

Helpful & Practical Advice

“Reboot undoubtedly delivered the physical challenge that I was looking for, but the week delivered more than that by way of straight talking, no frills helpful and practical advice on how to take my training forward.” Simon Taylor

One of the Best Things I've Ever Done

“An incredible 5 days! I read the reviews, which were all excellent, but Reboot still surpassed my expectations. We had a fantastic group of people and fabulous trainers who push you beyond whatever you think you can do. I have come away full of confidence. Incredible - one of the best things I’ve ever done! Angie Taft

Enjoyable, Fun & 


“The best thing about Reboot is it’s designed to build you, not break you. It is enjoyable, fun and challenging.” Sophy Gardner

Best Money You'll Ever Spend

“I’ve been to other boot camps, but Reboot is special. I’m lost for words actually. Do this for yourself. Best money you’ll ever spend!” Anon

A Great 5 Days

“It has been tough but the sense of achievement is phenomenal and the team has been so supportive, knowledgeable and brilliant - a great 5 days!” Karen Plumb

Tough, But Fun

“All the sessions were tough but the experience was a lot of fun and the group really bonded. As a runner I am looking forward to incorporating the expertise of the Reboot coaches into my weekly routine.” James Trainor

Five Stars

“The Reboot team are all super supportive and friendly. Be prepared to work hard and ache a bit, but also have a fabulous time. Five stars!” Suzanne Kennedy

A Great Week

“Mark and the Reboot team are amazing! Great motivation, good trainers working a programme for whatever level you are at. Thank you for such a great week.” Mark Staudenmann

The Team Are Outstanding

“Reboot is an amazingly organised and fun experience. I was nervous about coming but I honestly would stay another week. The team are outstanding and it was one of the best weeks ever.” April Symers

Very Challenging

“I found the Reboot experience very challenging, but don’t worry as you are very well looked after, with trainers that will recognise your ability and potential to carry it forward. You will learn so much!” Will Rouillier

Exceeded My Expectations

“Having neglected my health and fitness for a few years I wanted a real boost and change to focus completely on what I eat and how I exercise. Reboot was exactly what I was hoping for and exceeded my expectations in so many ways. Thank you.” Julia Cassidy

I Want To Do It Again

“A wonderful team delivering a true reboot experience. We came, we did, we hopefully conquered. I want to do it again.” Jo C

Best Ever

“One of the best fitness experiences ever!” Fletch

Perfect Location

“It was really hard, but ‘good hard’. I felt very secure, in experienced and knowledgeable hands. The choice of location was perfect and the food delicious.” Jane Baldwin

Loved It

“Loved it, loved it, loved it.” Lesley Watts

A Week Filled With Challenges

“Come to Reboot if you’re looking for a week filled with challenges, laughter, comrades and energy. Can’t believe how far I have come and how much I can do!” Cartriona Beadel


“Brilliant boot camp experience - amazing what you can achieve in less than a week! The encouragement and friendly team push you further than you ever think possible. I would thoroughly recommend.” Fred Bell

Life Changing

“I was terrified of coming on my own but the camaraderie of my fellow campers, the support of the staff and the ambience of the place has blown me away. Life changing.” Mary Pattison

Totally Amazing Week

“I am speechless - a totally amazing week. I have been challenged mentally and physically and will never forget the wonderful instructors and motivation. Awesome.” Tamara Boldy

Life Changing

“Life changing and an eye-opener. Thank you for all your care and all the thought you put into making this such a good experience.” Anon

Wonderful & Exhausting

“Reboot is an overwhelmingly good experience for your body and a challenge for your mind. Wonderful and exhausting.” Marianne

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