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Reboot Fitness Tenerife Group

Reboot 7 Day Fitness Holidays
- A Life Changing Experience

We are one of the longest established boot camps in Europe. Our first fitness retreat was held in 2009 and we're proud to have the same approach to health and well-being today as we did back then while continuing to adapt our training methods as research evolves. Combining the physical, nutritional and psychological elements of well-being, we have formulated an easy to understand programme.

We’ve stayed true to our ethos of realistic plans for real-life success, which can be evidenced through the hundreds of positive testimonials from satisfied customers. Seeing clients of all ages, genders and abilities take charge of their own health and then find freedom from dieting is why we do this. We hope that we can be the first chapter in your success story.


Our fitness boot camp team is totally committed to supporting you during the boot camp week, in the run up to it and in the months that follow. For that reason we only hold 16 boot camps a year, each with the same hand-picked team of dedicated and experienced fitness instructors. During your 7-day fitness holiday, we eat, sleep and train with you. We are with you 24/7, so talk to us, question us, work with us and you too will see the difference Reboot fitness boot camps make. 


To optimise your fitness gains and weight loss, our boot camp experience centres on a three month fitness goal that you set yourself. Each day’s training plan is devised by Reboot’s owner, Mark Hooks BSc, and is tailored to the needs of the individuals within the group. Book a fitness retreat with us and you will receive personalised pre and post boot camp training plans to help maximise your results and ensure these new healthy habits stick for life. We understand you have a life, so your plan will fit in with your schedule. Your current habits and routines, your personal goals, equipment available and how much time your can dedicate to training will all be factored in. 


We will sort food fact from nutritional fiction with you in several workshops. Each meal is prepared by our on-site chef and our menus are full of home cooked foods containing all the ingredients for optimum health and well-being. The meals can be easily replicated at home, as we even provide you with the recipes. Our chef will happily cater for coeliacs, vegans, dairy-free, etc - just let us know.


What to expect from Reboot?

•    7 days stay at a luxury villa in Tenerife, Spain

•    20+ fitness sessions designed to strengthen any sport related performance goals

•    Nutritional workshops along with all the recipes for the food provided during the week

•    Presentations on energy systems, goal setting, mental strength and how to develop effective training plans

•    Tasty, nutritious meals and snacks 3 times per day to ensure optimum performance is fuelled. We cater for all dietary requirements. 

•    PMR (Progressive Muscular Relaxation) sessions aimed to calm the mind during the most intense sporting situations

•    12 weeks after care which comes in the form of personalised weekly training plans by Head Coach Herbie Hooks

•    13 years of 5-star reviews



At Reboot we don’t believe in fad diets or starving our guests.


We do not count calories at Reboot and we don’t have any diet food or processed food. We believe in a simple approach of good food, cooked well and in the right proportion, avoiding sugar and embracing fat.


We offer a varied, nutritious, filling menu with three meals and three snacks each day to fuel you and reset your taste buds. We even give you chocolate!

Each meal is prepared by our on-site chef and our menus are full of home-cooked foods containing all the ingredients needed for optimum health and well-being.


Our chef will happily cater for dietary restrictions such as allergies, religions or personal choices, just let us know.

We run several nutrition workshops during the boot camp week and provide you with the recipes of the food you eat so that you can replicate them on your return home.

If you eat well and in the right proportion, alongside an active and healthy lifestyle, weight loss will take care of itself. 


Sample Menu

Morning snack – Chocolate and date squares.​


Breakfast – Buckwheat pancakes with poached pears.


Mid morning snack – Banana muffin.


Lunch – Butternut squash soup and quinoa salad.


Afternoon snack – Oat cakes and crudités with hummus and hung yoghurt.


Dinner – Roast pork and crackling, braised red cabbage with apple, carrots, roast potatoes and  gravy, with a panna cotta dessert.


To help keep you focussed after boot camp we provide you with the recipes for the food you have eaten during the week. We try to use locally sourced and seasonal food where available, so some recipes may vary.

Physical Fitness

Reboot is a holistic boot camp, concentrating on how the components of fitness, nutrition and mind coaching all work together to achieve life-long changes! 

Reboot is perfect for those who are new to fitness, overweight or just want to get back into a fitness programme – each client will be pushed to their own ability and will compete against their own level of fitness.


A lot of clients come to Reboot thinking that they are going to be the least fit – nine times out of ten they aren’t, and even if they are, who cares?  The Reboot week is all about you!  

Reboot is also great for people who already train but want to push their fitness to a higher level, along with those who are training for a specific sporting event or competition. We have had morbidly obese clients on the same boot camp as two guys training for Iron Man and they all loved it! For those that are already fit and are wanting to push their fitness further, please don’t make the mistake of thinking that Reboot will be too easy – Mark served with the Parachute Regiment and was employed by the British Virgin Islands football team as their physical and mental performance coach – the sessions he has designed can push the fittest beyond their perceived limits.

The Reboot programme includes 25 fitness and relaxation sessions over the seven days, along with snacks, meals, workshops and presentations.


Activities could include circuit training, hill runs, boxing, kettle bells, power bags, battle PT, cycling, paddle boarding and more – no two days are the same! 

Each day’s activities are planned and reviewed by Mark Hooks BSc to accommodate the fitness levels within each group.

T Location


Los Cristianos

Santa Cruz de Tenerife,



  • Tenerife Resident Accommodation Excluded) £495

  • Single Room - Shared Bathroom £1495

  • Single Room - Private Ensuite £1620

  • Twin Room - Shared Bathroom £1120

  • Twin Room - Private Ensuite £1245

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1-8 April 2023
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A Life Changing Experience
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