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About Reboot

Meet the Team

Meet the Reboot Team

Mark Hooks

Owner & Head Coach
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BSC (HONS) Sports Psychology

Army Physical Training Instructor

Parachute Regiment

Head Of Performance – British Virgin Islands National Football Team

Mark set up Reboot Fitness Retreats in 2009 as a solution for people looking to make positive long term changes to their health and fitness. Mark has also worked as the Head Of Performance for the BVI national football team.  He is in attendance at all of the boot camps, and delivers all the educational presentations and workshops on performance.


“With over 20 years experience in the fitness industry, having served in the Parachute Regiment and as an Army Physical Training Instructor, I know exactly what it’s like to push yourself physically and what it feels like when you achieve more than you imagined was possible. My degree in Sports Psychology enables me to understand the impact of a person’s mindset and how this can be used to motivate them to achieve your goals.


I pride myself on being able to get the best from every client and really take the time to get to know each one. The boot camp team design the training schedule to suit the needs of those in attendance, taking into account your personal circumstances, your motivation and your goals. My aim is to have every client leave Reboot with the knowledge and tools they need to maintain a healthy lifestyle, long term.”

Herbie Hooks

Boot Camp Instructor & Manager
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Herbie has a wealth of knowledge that he has picked up over the years from Mark. Herbie has completed his fitness instructor certificate, sports massage training and most recently his nutrition course.

Herbie enjoys going to the gym, boxing and running and understands how to relay his knowledge to his clients. He has worked full time at Reboot Fitness Retreats since June 2019 but has been training with Mark since he could walk.

His knowledge, confidence and abilities grow during every camp and he is taking on more responsibility all the time.

Food & Nutrition



At Reboot we don’t believe in fad diets or starving our guests.


We do not count calories at Reboot and we don’t have any diet food or processed food. We believe in a simple approach of good food, cooked well and in the right proportion, avoiding sugar and embracing fat.


We offer a varied, nutritious, filling menu with three meals and three snacks each day to fuel you and reset your taste buds. We even give you chocolate!

Each meal is prepared by our on-site chef and our menus are full of home-cooked foods containing all the ingredients needed for optimum health and well-being.


Our chef will happily cater for dietary restrictions such as allergies, religions or personal choices, just let us know.

We run several nutrition workshops during the boot camp week and provide you with the recipes of the food you eat so that you can replicate them on your return home.

If you eat well and in the right proportion, alongside an active and healthy lifestyle, weight loss will take care of itself. 

Sample Menu

  • Morning snack – Chocolate and date squares.​


  • Breakfast – Buckwheat pancakes with poached pears.


  • Mid morning snack – Banana muffin.


  • Lunch – Butternut squash soup and quinoa salad.


  • Afternoon snack – Oat cakes and crudités with hummus and hung yoghurt.


  • Dinner – Roast pork and crackling, braised red cabbage with apple, carrots, roast potatoes and  gravy, with a panna cotta dessert.


To help keep you focussed after boot camp we provide you with the recipes for the food you have eaten during the week. We try to use locally sourced and seasonal food where available, so some recipes may vary.

Physical Fitness

Physical Fitness

Reboot is a holistic boot camp, concentrating on how the components of fitness, nutrition and mind coaching all work together to achieve life-long changes! 

Reboot is perfect for those who are new to fitness, overweight or just want to get back into a fitness programme – each client will be pushed to their own ability and will compete against their own level of fitness.


A lot of clients come to Reboot thinking that they are going to be the least fit – nine times out of ten they aren’t, and even if they are, who cares?  The Reboot week is all about you!  

Reboot is also great for people who already train but want to push their fitness to a higher level, along with those who are training for a specific sporting event or competition. We have had morbidly obese clients on the same boot camp as two guys training for Iron Man and they all loved it! For those that are already fit and are wanting to push their fitness further, please don’t make the mistake of thinking that Reboot will be too easy – Mark served with the Parachute Regiment and was employed by the British Virgin Islands football team as their physical and mental performance coach – the sessions he has designed can push the fittest beyond their perceived limits.

The Reboot programme includes 25 fitness and relaxation sessions over the seven days, along with snacks, meals, workshops and presentations.


Activities could include circuit training, hill runs, boxing, kettle bells, power bags, battle PT, cycling, paddle boarding and more – no two days are the same! 

Each day’s activities are planned and reviewed by Mark Hooks BSc to accommodate the fitness levels within each group. 


Boot Camp Psychology

We are not a ‘drop a dress size in a week’ boot camp. Any boot camp can reduce your food intake and provide a week of exercise, but you will have no way of knowing whether your fitness has improved if you simply focus on your weight. 

Weight loss depends on many factors such as current weight, current diet, exercise routine, hormones, etc.


When fitness improves and you eat a healthy, balanced diet, weight loss will happen naturally, rather than focussing on weight loss which has no effect on fitness improvements.


It is far healthier to focus on exercise and healthy living rather than what the scales say, as this can lead to an unhealthy obsession with the scales.


At Reboot we track all your achievements throughout the course of the week in order that you can measure your fitness progression.

Resuts & Perdormance

Results & Performance


Mark Hooks BSc – Performance Coach and Sports Psychologist

 – A highly qualified fitness professional with over 25 years experience working within the sport and fitness industry.

– The founder of Reboot Fitness Boot Camps, one of the country’s longest established and most well respected boot camp companies.

– Performance Coach for the British Virgin Islands National Football Team.

– Experienced in managing large army gyms, civilian fitness clubs, private health clubs and council run establishments.

– Successfully worked with teams, athletes and coaches from amateur to elite level.

What is a Sports Psychologist?

A sports psychologist is concerned with the behaviours, mental processes and well-being of individuals, teams and organisations involved in sports and exercise.

Every action you take is determined by your thoughts and feelings.  So if you want to make a dramatic change in your results and enjoyment, learning how to command your thoughts is the place to start. My aim is to prepare you for the demands of competition and training, and show how psychology influences sport and how it can improve performance.

So learn how to unlock your potential and perform under pressure at events, using a results orientated proven approach!


someone that has just lost their mojo and wants to find it?

looking to shed some weight gained over lockdown?

joining the armed forces or other job requiring entrance fitness tests?

wanting to improve you strength and improve muscular size?

an aspiring amateur looking to make the leap to professional?

Sports psychology studies how numerous factors, from biomechanics, psychology and physiology, can influence sport and affect performance. Thoughts and emotions can spiral in either a positive or negative direction; your thoughts then give rise to your feelings and your feelings drive your actions.

There are always times when athletes and sports people can benefit from steady support and trustworthy guidance. Mark’s programme is tailored to the individual and situation. He will teach proven learning strategies and techniques to help overcome performance killers such as frustration and anxiety.

His years of experience and success, from local squads and teenage gymnasts, up to professional footballers and GB athletes, can help anyone and everyone rise to the top.

For more information or a free consultation please email

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